November 22, 2007

I don't want to talk about it.

Behold, the saddest pie in all the land.


Sue said...

I feel your pain, and you don't have to talk about it.
I used the same crust recipe and had the EXACT same experience. There was no way in the world that I could make a pretty edge with that dough. I started too late last night, and finally threw in the towel, put the dough back in the fridge and went to bed. This morning I started out all over with my tried and true recipe with (gag me) Crisco. It turned out absolutely beautiful.
Just for kicks and to taste the vodka laced pie dough I went ahead and baked some of it. Admittedly it does taste good, but for crying out loud, it's absolutely such a complete and total PITA to work with, that I'll never try it again. I eat Crisco pie crust twice a year. It's flaky, beautiful, and the stuff that I eat the rest of the year is more likely to kill me than Crisco twice a year.
Take some solace in knowing that it will taste great, and you're much wiser!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan in Italy said...

Oh now come on! It's not that bad. I suppose instead of showing your guests the whole pie you sliced it up and put some whipped cream on top so nobody'd notice. The center looks just fine; did it taste good?

Maddy said...

Ok, I was being a bit melodramatic...It tasted just fine and of course the people who ate it couldn't have cared less how it looked. I made an apple pie with the same crust, at the same time, and it turned out beautifully (and the crust tasted great).