January 18, 2009

Update of sorts

Vulture over Montana de Oro State Park (Los Osos)

Oh dear. I seem to have neglected this blog over the past few months. I guess my life has revolved far more around archaeology lately than baking...but not the fun, blog-worthy kind of archaeology, with travel and adventure and whips and fedoras-- but the mind-numbing, excruciatingly boring tasks of proposals, report writing, artifact cataloging, and endless meetings via conference call. Well, such is the field of archaeology I suppose. But it would not be worth writing about.

Lion's head spout on the lavanderia (wash basin) at the Mission Santa Barbara, ca. 1806

But really, not much has changed, except that I have, finally, officially and unceremoniously been booted from my graduate program. I am not sad about this. I still enjoy my job, most of the time. I still dislike Los Angeles but try to make the most of living here. I travel as much as possible.

Me being a dork and scouring the ground for artifacts at Montana de Oro SP (while on vacation...I cannot turn off my inner archaeologist)

I went home to the Midwest for Christmas and everything was coated in 1/2 inch of ice. It made me appreciate California all that much more. I complain about this state a lot, but it's January 18 and it's 79 degrees and sunny outside. Not bad.

Can you guess which one is Illinois?

So bear with me for a few days while I regroup, bake some cookies, and get back on track.